Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Digital Art Star Website for Instant Download Party Printables

I'm happy to announce that I have updated my website to now include a shop for instant download party printables!

 Digital Art Star website

I am still selling personalized party printables (& also instant downloads) in my Etsy shop.

I have been selling on Etsy for 2 years, and it's been really great.  But there's something special & exciting about having your very own website that you can control 100%.  One thing I like about my new website is that I can arrange products by style & also have more categories to make shopping easy. 

New Party Printables & Digital Scrapbook Paper

I have also been busy adding new instant downloads, including Christmas gift tags.  Check out my new items below.

Small Christmas Gift Tags
I have a couple other designs for Christmas gift tags, but I decided to make some in a smaller size.  These are perfect for printing on sticker paper & using as labels/stickers on your presents.

Christmas Gift Tags
Christmas Gift Tags

Elegant Christmas Gift Tags in Gold, Red, & Green
These Christmas tags have a more formal, elegant style.

Elegant Christmas Gift Tags

Elegant Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas Digital Scrapbook Paper
Love is in the air this Christmas!  Use these scrapbook papers for all your crafting needs.

Christmas Love Digital Scrapbook Paper

Light Pink & Lime Digital Scrapbook Paper
This set of pretty scrapbook papers matches my best-selling pink & lime papers, except the pink is a lighter shade.

Light Pink & Lime Digital Papers

These black & white water bottle labels have a big diamond ring to celebrate an engagement or wedding.

Black & White Chevron Bridal Water Labels

Here are my newest designs for printable baby monthly stickers.  These are a pretty light yellow & grey.  Perfect for gender neutral baby showers.

Yellow & Grey Baby Monthly Stickers

Baby monthly stickers are a great way to capture the memories of your baby's first year.  Take a picture of your baby with the sticker & save it in a special milestone photo book.

Red & Grey Baby Monthly Stickers

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New! DIY Thanksgiving Water Bottle Labels

Hi everyone!  I added several new items to my Etsy shop recently, including printable Thanksgiving water bottle labels, Christmas bag toppers, birthday rainbow stickers, and bridal water bottle labels.

Thanksgiving Water Bottle Labels

These cute Thanksgiving water bottle labels will be so fun on your buffet table for your Thanksgiving dinner.  

DIY - Just print on 8.5" x 11" paper, cut out each label, and wrap it around your bottles.  Attach the ends with glue or double-stick tape.

Or if you want waterproof labels, there are a couple websites that sell full-size sheets that you can use for water bottle labels: 
Labels By the Sheet
Online Labels

Christmas Treat Bag Toppers

Use these printable Christmas bag toppers to make fun treat bags for family and friends.

You'll receive all 4 designs.  The bag toppers have Santa Claus, Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, and a pretty Christmas trees.

To make these bag toppers, just print onto 8.5" x 11" cardstock, cut out each bag topper, and fold them in half.  Fill a 4"x 6" bag of candy.  Then staple the folded bag topper over the bag of candy.  Easy!

Birthday Rainbow Lollipop Stickers

These pretty printable birthday rainbow stickers are perfect for lollipops!

The rainbow stickers are 2.1" so they are the perfect size to use a 2" circle craft punch.  (You can buy a punch at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or

These rainbow stickers are perfect for many party supplies.  Print them on sticker paper to use as stickers, labels, or envelope seals.  Or print on cardstock to make favor tags or cupcake toppers. 

The stickers will be personalized with the birthday girl's name & age to make them extra special.

Bridal Water Bottle Labels -- Love is Sweet!

Use these beautiful water bottle labels for your bridal shower or wedding.

These water bottle labels will be personalized with the names of the bride & groom, as well as the date of the wedding.

You can keep them in navy & coral or get them in the colors of your wedding.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Printable Personalized Wedding Stickers

I recently added some new personalized wedding stickers to my Etsy shop.  These would be great as favor stickers, envelope seals, party favor tags, and even cupcake toppers.  

Print the personalized wedding stickers on sticker paper or cardstock.

I made several pre-made color choices or you can choose custom colors to match your wedding.

Black & White Wedding Stickers

These black & white stickers come with 2 designs:

Personalized Black & White Wedding Stickers

Hot Pink Wedding Stickers

Hot pink & lime stickers would be perfect for a bridal shower.  Or you could choose hot pink & black.

Hot Pink & Lime Stickers or Hot Pink & Black Stickers

Pink & Gray Wedding Stickers

These pink & gray stickers come with 2 choices:  light pink or a darker pink.

Personalized Pink & Gray Wedding Stickers

Teal Wedding Stickers

Teal is a beautiful color for weddings, especially in the fall.  It goes great with many colors.  Choose teal wedding stickers with either eggplant, brown, black, or light pink.

Printable Teal Wedding Stickers

Monday, October 14, 2013

New! Printable Halloween Favor Stickers and Tags

I've been designing a new style of printable favor sticker recently.  You can print them onto sticker paper to use as stickers or print them on cardstock to use as favor tags.  Attach them to gift bags, boxes, and more!

They are made to be cut out with a 2 inch circle craft punch.  Or you can also use them as squares.

I started with printable Halloween favor stickers and made several designs.  Click the links below the pictures to find the favor stickers on Etsy.

Happy Halloween Chevron Stickers - Bat & Moon

Halloween Favor Stickers - Good to the Last Bite

Printable Halloween Stickers - Chevron Spider

Personalized Halloween Pumpkin Stickers

Personalized Halloween Ghost Tags

Find all these Halloween favor tags and more in my Etsy shop.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

DIY Printable Halloween Bag Toppers & Buffet Cards

New to the shop this week are Halloween treat bag toppers, labels, and tent cards.

Halloween Treat Bag Toppers

You'll receive a PDF file with 4 designs.  To make the Halloween bag toppers, print the PDF file, cut out the toppers, and fold them in half.  Fill 4x6" cello bags with candy.  Then just staple the toppers over the bags.  Easy!

Halloween Buffet Cards

These buffet cards come as a set with both labels & tent cards in these cute Halloween designs.

Find both Halloween items in my Etsy shop:
Printable Halloween Bag Toppers
Printable Halloween Buffet Cards

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chevron Baby Shower Bingo Games

Make your baby shower even more fun with Baby Shower Bingo!

Just print & cut out each bingo card.  Have your shower guests write on their bingo cards the presents they think the Mommy-to-Be will receive.  When each present is opened, the guests mark their bingo cards.  When a guest gets 5 in a row, she wins!

Pink Baby Shower Bingo

Personalized Baby Shower Bingo - $8.50

Instant Download Bingo - $6.50

You'll also receive a list of possible baby shower presents to help your guests fill in their Bingo cards:

 Blue Baby Shower Bingo


Personalized Baby Shower Bingo - $8.50

Instant Download Bingo - $6.50

Get the chevron baby shower bingo games & look for more matching items soon!