Sunday, September 30, 2012

Printable Halloween Party Packages and Invitations

I'm so excited to offer my first printable party packages! 

I've been working toward putting packages together for some of my themes so you can get everything you need to throw a fun party at a great price.

My first packages are for my cute spider Halloween themes. You can buy the package in orange and black or in orange and purple.

Here's the orange and black Halloween party package:

Both packages come with 9 items, including candy bar wrappers, bag toppers, cupcake toppers, and my new invitations.

Click the links to find the party packages in my Etsy shop where I list all the details.

You can also buy each item from the package separately in my shop.

Here is the Halloween party package in orange and purple:

I am also now selling printable invitations!

The purple and orange spider invitation has 3 options to choose from:

Here are the two options for the orange and black invitation:

If you print your invitations out yourself on your home printer, the invitations with the white backgrounds would use less ink.

Look for more invitations and party packages in the coming weeks.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Printable Halloween Banner

I just added a new printable Halloween banner to my Etsy shop:

The banner will spell out "Happy Halloween" once it's printed and assembled.  It also includes squares with a cute spider on them.

The banner is easy to make:  just print out the PDF pages, cut out each square, and string them together. 

You can punch a hole in each of the top corners of the square or just 1 hole in the center if you prefer.  Or you can tape your stringing material onto the back.

I have many more matching Halloween items in my shop.  I also sell this banner and other items in just orange and black without the purple if you prefer classic Halloween colors.

Find these Halloween items here:
DIY Printable Halloween Party Supplies

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Printable Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers and Bag Toppers

I've been busy designing more printable Halloween items to go with my spider theme.  I almost have enough to put together my first party packages!

This week I made halloween candy bar wrappers that fit over mini chocolate bars.

These are the first ones I've made and I think they turned out great!

Putting your own wrappers on the mini chocolate bars is a simple and inexpensive way of making your own party favors!

They're really quick to do:  just print out the sheet of wrappers, cut out each one, and wrap a wrapper around a candy bar.  Then just attach the ends with tape.  Easy!

I just love how the pictures turned out for these wrappers!  Click the following link to visit the listing in my Etsy shop and to see more pictures:

Orange and purple Halloween candy bar wrappers

I also made these wrappers in orange and black -- classic Halloween colors.

More pictures and information about the wrappers here:

Orange and black printable Halloween candy wrappers

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to give out these candy bars to friends, co-workers, or party guests, you might want to consider filling a treat bag and closing it with a printable bag topper.

I made bag toppers to match both color themes.  Here's the one that matches the classic orange and black theme:

All you need to do is print out the toppers, cut out each one, fold it in half, and then staple it closed over your treat bag.

You can fill your treat bags with any candy you like.  There are certainly a lot of options at Halloween time for candy!

I also made matching Halloween water bottle labels:

These match the orange and black Halloween items:

Isn't Halloween a fun time of year?